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At Parsons’ PumpWorks we offer Licensed Well Technician services for all areas of business in Southwestern Ontario. In addition to our standard business hours, we also offer After hours Emergency Services. 

If you are experiencing a water emergency, please call us immediately. If possible, shut off the incoming source of water and stay away from any electrical sources until safe. 


Our services

We currently offer our services to residential, agricultural, and commercial sectors across Southwestern Ontario. Please review our comprehensive list of services and if you can’t find what you are looking for, give us a call!

well services

We connect newly installed Wells and assess existing Well issues

  • Connections
  • Rehabilitation
  • Abandonment


We service and install any Water Treatment & Repressurization Systems

  • Water Softeners & UV Light Systems
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Total Chlorination
  • Sediment, Iron and Carbon Filter


Shallow water aquifers can be accessed in some areas for home or irrigation use

  • Installations

  • Maintenance

  • Seasonal service


We can repair, replace or upgrade any Deep Well Submersible system

  • Drilled Well Pumps


We service and install all types of Jet Pumps

  • Shallow Well
  • Deep Well
  • Maintenance



We service and install all Pressure Tanks

  • Steel
  • Fiberglass

Make the right call the first time!

Well Services

We can repair, replace and upgrade any indoor or outdoor Well Water services

New Well Connections

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Our crew has years of experience doing the ground work and pump work connecting new or existing wells. We take pride in following and going beyond our regulations to ensure the proper installation of all equipment while protecting our greatest natural resource.


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Chemical and physical


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Old wells should be properly abandoned and sealed to prevent contamination. Our crew is licensed and trained to protect our water aquifers.

Water Treatment & Repressurizations

We can service and install any Water Treatment & Repressurization System

Water Softeners

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Water softeners remove hard minerals to help reduce water spotting, and assist with lathering! Water softeners can also remove up to two parts of iron

Iron Filters

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Iron filters remove cold water iron from the water and can help extend the life span of fixtures and appliances in your home. Having an iron filter can help with odor, staining, and pressure issues. 

UV Light Systems

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UV light systems are used to kill bacteria like E.coli or coliform in the water! Proper maintenance of these units is necessary to ensure the safety of your water.

Reverse Osmosis

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Did you know, children below the age of 4 should not consume water with a total dissolved solids rating of 10?

Reverse osmosis systems remove the total dissolved solids and other impurities from the water. Some include: volatile chemicals, sodium, pesticides, chlorine, PCBs, copper & lead

Total Chlorination

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Total chlorination systems use chlorine to treat the water and can be used in various applications. Chlorine is used to disinfect, kill bacteria, and oxide iron, manganese & hydrogen sulphide impurities, to provide clean safe water for your household. The chlorine is then removed by carbon before reaching your taps.

Sediment & Carbon Filters

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Sediment and carbon filters are used as a polishing filter, removing any fine particles and assisting with taste/odor. 

These filters are crucial with UV light systems to ensure the sleeve is clean and system is functioning properly. Carbon is used with the removal of chlorine/peroxide 



Shallow water can be accessed with Sandpoints and are easy to maintain


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Our installation includes a stainless-steel Johnson sandpoint, drop pipe, Berkley jet pump, pressure tank and all related fittings to get your water flowing!  Whether your sandpoint is for home use or irrigation supply, our highly experienced crew will leave your system looking professional and easily ready to use. Upgrades to our standard package are available.


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Our maintenance services include the following options: 

Point cleaning

Pump repair 

Pressure tanks

Seasonal Service

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We offer a flat rate to start up your system in the spring, and again to winterize in the fall!

Ensuring your sandpoint is properly primed in the spring and drained down in the fall can go a long way for pump and point longevity, as well as protecting our natural resource.

Deep Well Submersibles

We can repair, replace and upgrade any Deep Well Submersibles

Drilled Well Pumps

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We carry all sizes and horsepower you need. 

Installed in both bored and drilled wells


Jet Pumps

We can service and install any Jet-Style Pump

Shallow Well

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We carry all Horsepower types of pumps.

Shallow well jet pumps can lift from a maximum of 25ft, and are typically installed on a sand point system or a bored well.

Deep Well

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  • Installed where water levels exceed 25ft
  • Installed in both bored and drilled wells 


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We perform all standard maintenance repairs to wells including:

  • Pump repair
  • Pump rebuild
  • Pump cleaning 
  • Pump priming

Pressure Tanks

We can service and install any type of Pressure Tank to ensure you have consistent and strong water pressure

Tanks We Sell

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We sell all shapes and sizes to meet your water well system’s needs!

  • Steel bladder tanks
  • Fibreglass bladder tanks

Service & Repair

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There’s nothing that will cause a pump failure faster than a failed or improperly charged pressure tank. Some tanks require regular recharging as they become waterlogged. We service bladder and galvanized tanks.

After Hours Emergency Service

Know who to call if an emergency happens. We offer After-Hour Assistance for any situation.

Hours & Rates

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Our normal business hours are Monday – Friday, 7:30 am – 5:00 pm. If you require our services outside of those hours, our rates are calculated at time and a half. Holidays are double time. Our billable hours are round trip from our shop to your location.

Locations We Serve

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We are located in Poplar Hill, Ontario, between Strathroy and Ilderton. We are happy to serve any customer in Southwestern Ontario, including, London, Port Franks, Sarina, St. Thomas, Stratford, West Lorne, Windsor, Woodstock, and all towns in between!

What is an Emergency

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  • You do not have safe potable water
  • Your livestock do not have access to safe potable water
  • Your pressure tank has ruptured and is flooding your basement

Personal Protective Equipment

Ensuring the personal safety of our team members and clients has always been our top priority. 

COVID 19 Protocols

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Our team wears extra PPE and has enforced strict cleaning and disinfecting in between each customers’ home. We screen thoroughly before proceeding with any work to continue doing our part to stop the spread and protect our community. As COVID-19 protocols enhance and change, we will follow and implement all measures to protect you and your family. 

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After Hours Emergency Service Available

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